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About Us

Dr. Barry, a chiropractor, smiles at the camera with his hands spread welcomingly

Meet Dr. Barry

Growing up in the Bay Area, Dr. Barry Roland always loved music. After graduating with a music degree from SF State, he performed for many years as a trombonist, and worked as a piano technician and rebuilder. Changing careers, he relocated to Seattle to open a currency brokerage office.

While seeking chiropractic treatment for stress management during this time, Dr. Barry was introduced to Network Spinal Analysis. He was amazed by the difference it made in his life, and decided that he wanted to share his experience with others.

After completing his pre-med studies at the College of Marin, Dr. Barry obtained his DC at Life Chiropractic College West. He is certified in traditional chiropractic techniques and the highest level of Network Spinal Analysis.

Dr. Barry has been practicing in Half Moon Bay for over 10 years. He hopes to bring health and vitality to the community for many years to come. 

About Syntropy Chiropractic

At Syntropy Chiropractic, we’re committed to bringing out the best in you. Our goal is to help you discover your innate ability to heal yourself, so you can experience a pain-free and energized life. 

The word “syntropy” means changing disorder to order. When your body is in a state of disorder, your Central Nervous System (CNS) is under stress. Stress can produce pain in an area of your body, but at Syntropy Chiropractic, we look at the body as a whole, addressing the structural, emotional, and environmental stressors in your life, in order to restore balance and self-regulation. Pain is a call to reorganize, reconnect, and reorient, and we’re here to help you restore order. 


Three padded treatment tables are arranged in a bright, inviting office